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Bavarian Family tradition since 1894.

When the company founder Carl Schaller laid the foundation for his family business with the production of papier-mâché figures in 1894, he could not have guessed that over 120 years later his popular papier-mâché figures would be distributed all over the world.

The trained embosser from Neustadt modeled and produced the templates for his figures himself. Then they were decorated and painted by the whole family – including the children. Carl's son Ino, a trained baker, took over the family business in the 1940s and gave the company its name.

By the 1950s, the traditional papier-mâché technique was almost forgotten. In the 1980s, Thomas Schaller, the fourth generation to run the company, rediscovered these classic pieces and was so fascinated that he started making papier-mâché figures again with the help of his father Dieter Schaller. 

“We first introduced Malmo to the world of Ino Schaller this Christmas with their fanciful santa’s and woodland creatures. This Easter, we are thrilled to carry a warren of glittery bunnies, rabbits, and large hares. Some are beautifully beaded, others made in traditional painted paper mache. Each one handcrafted and meant to delight for years.” - Mikkel


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