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Tulip Vase on Legs Dainty Flower - Extra Large

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The tulip vase on legs and with several spouts is perhaps the most iconic Delft blue vase that has ever been made.
The tulip vase has been popular for centuries now and not just in Holland, but worldwide people can’t get enough of this remarkable vase from The Netherlands.
This version is the ultimate eye catcher, because we took the original ball shaped tulip vase and stretched it out as far as we could. This XL tulip vase has a traditional Delft blue design and fits right into the trendy home & living styles of today.
Thanks to the extra large size you can fill it up with a decent bouquet of flowers, but even without any flowers this vase makes a stunning decorative piece. Put the vase on the middle of a table or combine it with multiple smaller tulip vases in different sizes and shapes for a stunning and colorful display.
Measurements: L 25 cm, B 25 cm, H 30 cm