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Sunny Yellow Glitter Large Bunny - Ino Schaller

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A whimsical vintage inspired Easter figurine. Add a touch of old-world charm to your Easter decor with this handcrafted Ino Schaller bunny figurine. The item adds a playful pop of color that is sure to stand out. Made in Germany with care and attention to detail, this unique bunny is a must-have for any Easter enthusiast. (Just make sure you don't mistake it for a tasty treat!)

Approximate Height: 27cm

Handcrafted and decorated in Germany. Each item will feature unique variations.

Based in Germany and family owned since 1894, Ino Schaller utilizes moulds that have been in their family since the very beginning. Their papier mâché and plastic felted creations originally came to life in the 1950’s and they continue to make these adorable animals today.

*Sold separately.